Our Vision:


We are growing a community of conscious men, grounded in the mystery of God and creating culture from our authentic being.

Our Mission:


To love, challenge, and equip postchristian truth-seekers through the intentional, lived experience of contemplation, creativity and community.

Over a week in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, we breathe in the natural surroundings and engage fully in sequences of physical work, contemplation, and dialogue to reclaim something lost—our sense of natural belonging. Camp is about taking necessary care for one’s body, mind, and soul in a world that emphasizes competition, comparison, and accumulation.


To acknowledge one's pain and disillusion—to face the fear of not knowing if your worldview actually is true—this is half the journey in a single stride. A few guys arrive to Camp having been hurt by the church or people in it. Others come fractured by the disappearance of what they once thought to be solid ground. Some are afraid to admit who they are. But everyone is safely received and heard. We see vulnerability and truth as a sure path to love, belonging and joy.


This is a space for seekers of truth—a place to ask the hardest questions. Or maybe a place to stop asking the questions and start feeling them, living them. Or maybe it is just a place to stop altogether, let go, and relinquish control. This is a time to journey and to share in others’ journeys. A place to articulate what you actually feel instead of responding reactively. A place to be still and know. A place to be still and unknow.


We want you to have the right gear to climb the peak you must climb. We aim to prepare you for that and to help you recover your awareness of the fire that such adventure requires. You must till your own soil, do your own work and take up your own path. There is no guru here. No one will do it for you, but it can and will be done in community. And in the end we deepen the interaction of our selves with the world, having illuminated the bridge by which we all return home. This is a rediscovery of that which is already within each one of us, and has always been there.


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