Our Values

Our Camp is a five-day retreat for men that incorporates the following elements:

  • Silence: We accept silence as a gift and trust it to soften our hearts and help us see with new sight.


  • Nature: We bear witness to the cosmos and everything in it. We invite nature to approach, to tune our souls as we learn to co-participate with the Earth.


  • Teaching: The more we know, the more we know that we do not know. We seek to learn with humility; Sacred texts, mystics and poets give us solid footing for deepening our understanding. We come with the posture of receptivity, curiosity, and grace.


  • Dialogue. We endeavor to speak only from our actual experience, never from "something we just read". We undertake an intentional conversation with one another. We quiet the voice inside rehearsing replies while someone else is speaking. We respect.


  • Conscious Work: We do hard physical work, every day. To experience the unfiltered world in this way awakens us—to recognize the language of the body and what it wants to tell us. Freedom to work is cherished more than freedom from work.


  • Stillness: To rest and breathe in the flow of energy that encircles and overflows all of creation is just as important as labor. We observe both action and contemplation with sincere attention.


  • Solitude. We practice time apart to review ourselves and our actions honestly; to take a deep hard look at the difference between our posturing, personalities and our authentic being.


  • Communion. We practice time together when the Spirit—in its freedom and diverse beauty—is revealed through unity and the peace of being known.


  • Contemplative Prayer: We explore what it means to pray in new ways; to stop comparing, judging, and separating ourselves, that we might unify our hearts with God.

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