Since our first Camp in 2009, we have been building an outstanding team of men who not only teach our culture and values but have been transformed by them in daily life. 


Camp is contained by two merry brothers, Andrew and Christopher Breitenberg.

Andrew Breitenberg


Andrew is a lifelong seeker of truth working at the intersection of faith and postchristian culture. After living abroad in Amsterdam and Cape Town for 10 years as a street artist and designer, he moved back to the US to build a non-profit with his brother Chris called Parallel Service. Camp is one of two major initiatives supported by the organization; the other is an ongoing Bible translation project called Pilgrim Bible.


After doing the Living School in Albuquerque, NM Andrew has continued his spiritual work under Cynthia Bourgeault since 2015.

Chris Breitenberg


Chris lives New Jersey and pursues a mission to create spaces of shalom. He focuses his life work at the meeting place of peace-building and personal and community agency. This pursuit has led him to positions running leadership training programs in South Asia, directing a communications department for an international NGO and working with Andrew on all manner of adventurous pursuits. 


Chris is a graduate of Davidson College with a degree in Religion, a writer of church liturgy and music and chief cook at Camp. 


“This camp is an answer to a restlessness - a voice deep within each of us inviting us to a banquet. It’s this “hinting” within my being that I take the most seriously.”


“What emerges from Camp is a new way of being in the world. I return as a man wholeheartedly leading, growing and generally loosening the fuck up.” 


“The time spent during this retreat is a time to put aside brackets placed on expectations, one’s role or duties, and what is and is not "Christian" or "religious" look at my life and beliefs with new and refreshed eyes has cultivated true and felt ideas within me about the universe and our place in it.” 



"Camp is the most well-rested exhaustion you will ever feel.” 

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